Walk Right Up!

Our open-style photo booth lets you get more of your guests in on the action. Whether one, two, or 18 (that's the record) there's no end to the picture possibilities once your party gets started.

Easy-to-use touch screen

Guests can walk up and start their own personal photo shoot any time they want.

We show you your guests amazing pictures as you take them so you can see instantly how awesome they are.

If you love selfies, you will love Klixbot.

Four in a row

We take four pictures in a row so your guests can really get creative.

It also gives you lots of great pictures that you can share and print to remember your party forever.

Small footprint

We don't take up much room and our booth requires only a single power source.*

Expert attendant

Our booth can run itself but just to make sure everything goes smoothly, every booth rental includes an expert attendant.

They make sure the photo booth part of your party goes smoothly and you get great pictures of all your guests.


* Add-ons like sharing and printing may require additional power sources. Ask about options.